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Dyeing and Life

Starting over is hard! Not dyeing, dyeing is fun, but all the other elements that make up a successful dyeing business! You have to know color theory and the mechanics of adding color to fiber or yarn, of course. But you also have to know aspects from the simplest – where to get undyed yarn and fiber – to the most challenging – which method of getting your products out into the world so someone can buy them. I never realized how many hats an indie dyer has to wear! This website is an example. Which company to use, buy a domain name or just go with a free product with advertising on it? Set up a shop or not? And then come the doubts…what if no-one reads my words of wisdom? What do I write about? And how the heck do I get that weird picture off my contact page??? Yeah, I’m not the best at webpages!

Well at least what to write about is pretty easy. I hope to share with you what I have learned that makes this adventure a little easier and what makes it harder. I will also be writing about dyeing, knitting and crocheting, and anything that makes life here in the Hill Country of Texas interesting.

Why do I dye?

Do you remember being in elementary school and bringing crayons to class? There you were, with your little 8-color box of beauty, and then the kid next to you opened a box of 64 colors…yeah the one with the sharpener on the back…and laaaaaa¬†the sound of ¬†music filled the air, and your heart burst with envy…remember??? Well, that’s what I do every day – I play with color…all day! Any color, any combination, on any fiber I want – it’s heavenly!

So I hope to share with you my crazy life as I color my world of fiber and yarn.

Next time: Exactly how do you dye yarn?